Planting a SEED

SEED is a boarding school for inner-city students — almost all black — in Washington, D.C. It’s expensive — about $24,000 a year — to provide housing as well as education and guidance. So far, SEED students don’t do dramatically better on the SATs than similar students in conventional schools, and the attrition rate is high. Is it worth the cost? Time profiles the school.

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  1. Hmmmph…If this school costs $24,000 a year (for that kind of money, I could obtain a bachelor’s) and the average SAT score combined is 834, I suspect the only ones getting taken to the cleaners are the taxpayers and donors who actually fund this place.

    The stories about students whining that it’s too structured or too much discipline need to understand in the real world, discipline problems don’t last a long time on the job, they are replaced by other people who want the job.