LSU is trying to keep black football players on track for a degree, reports the New York Times. The story says an African-American studies professor has “changed the culture” at LSU. But the graduation rate for football players remains at 40 percent.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:


  2. If I could pick my choice of jobs, tutoring those boys is the one I’d take.

  3. Walter E. Wallis says:

    And I would tutor bad girls?

  4. If you want.

  5. These are football players, they don’t belong in college in the first place…

    And spare me the heartwarming stories of the few exceptions that go on to be upstanding citizens and fine scholars, 99% are steroid-saturated mutants that do little more than use up resources desparately needed by real students…

  6. “These are football players, they don’t belong in college in the first place…”

    Maybe, maybe not. I will say, though, that college is not the ideal place to train football players. I’d like to see minor-league football supplant college football.

    Minor league football players could attend college, or not, as they choose; when they do, their school would have no reason to go easy on them and cheat them out of a proper education. They’d get paid in cash, rather than in free tuition to classes they may or may not have any use for, and they wouldn’t have the NCAA coming up with new ways to prevent them from getting any money from any source while attending school.

  7. I noted that one player highlighted during the LSU-Oklahoma game last night (a.k.a., the Nokia Sugar Bowl) was majoring in “University Studies.” What the hell is that? I tried to find it on the OU website, but gave up after 5 minutes. For what position would I hire someone who had majored in University Studies?

  8. “University Studies” is one of those vague interdisciplinary programs that allows the student to pick from a smorgasbord of classes in different departments. You’d hire them for the same kinds of jobs for which you’d hire English majors. “Would you like fries, symbolic of the masculine exclusive, with that, where the word ‘that’ implies a hamburger possessing the wholesome roundness of the Earth-mother.”

    Yours truly,
    Jeffrey Boulier