My big fat obnoxious job

Randi Coy may lose her job as a Catholic school teacher in Scottsdale, Arizona for mocking marriage. Coy took a leave from her job as a first-grade teacher to appear in “My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance,” which offered her a million-dollar prize for pretending she wanted to marry a big, fat, obnoxious guy.

For Coy to win, she needed to convince her family that she met, fell in love with and planned to marry “Steve” without revealing that their pairing is a farce.

But “Steve,” his friends and family were actors, paid to sabotage the staged wedding.

. . . The school’s mission statements vow to teach students to become Christian leaders and responsible citizens, which might come into conflict with marrying a stranger on television for money.

Via Education Gadfly.

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  1. “Might”?! Yeesh.

  2. Yeah, not to mention that she’s lying to her family about something very important and humiliating them publicly as the show airs … but what the heck, anything for a practical joke.

  3. First – her name is “Coy”??? That’s a laugh.

    Second – I’m sure the school can show documents to prove their case. At this point, you’ve gotta think the producers were waiting for this fall-out. Lawyers and people who do background checks understand what sort of things are going to be in a Catholic school teacher’s contract. A smart reporter would ask the suits why this information was unavailable or ignored.

  4. PJ/Maryland says:

    I suppose it’s within the school’s rights for any number of reasons. For one, she only taught for two months before taking a leave of absence. So that means a substitute has had her 1st grade class the past couple of months?

    There’s no mention of her major in college, and she apparently hasn’t started work on her Masters in Education (or maybe ElEd); most piblic schools wouldn’t even consider her. I’m sure she’d prefer to have a job to fall back on, but it sounds like teaching is nowhere near her top choice.

    On the other hand, parochial schools always need money. Maybe she could donate half her million dollars (or whatever she gets; I’m sure she’s not “promoting the show for Fox on Friday in Los Angeles” for free) to the school, and they’d be willing to overlook some irregularities…

  5. but what the heck, anything for a practical joke.

    No, it’s anything for a million dollars.

    At least she’s got her capitalist principles straight.

  6. One of the teachers at Eldest Daughter’s school just applied to be on Survivor. I just found a note saying that the 1st graders (including my daughter) would be videoed for her application and that I had to send a note by the 19th (oops) if I *didn’t* want her to be part of the video.

    What the hell?

    This turns the notion of permission slips upside down.

  7. Steve LaBonne says:

    e, I would have been in the principal’s office in a nanosecond over that one.

  8. Hunh – it’s nice to see something other than same-sex marriage being held up as an example of corrupting the institution of marriage.

  9. Coy quit her job:

    Not sure what she’s going to do now, presuming the taping’s over. Wait for the benefits of being a star until she can land a job for next fall?

  10. Steve, you and I are in complete agreement about that one.

  11. IB Bill you do not show up on tv like this without persmission. If her family chooses to be humiliated (or whatever) they are within their rights to do so. She & the producers cannot simply arbitrarily put the family on air without their full and express permission.

  12. Yeah, you’re right. The family would have to sign a release. Guess the family found their sense of humor, and maybe a paycheck.

  13. A woman pimping herself for $$

    Gee never heard of that before

  14. Steve, Michael,

    Yes, I posted off an e-mail to the principal immediately after reading the note.

    Will follow-up with results when I receive an answer.

  15. For the curious: I received a call from the teacher in question today (nothing from the principal). She said she took Eldest out of the video and was surprised that there was a problem at all.

  16. Wait a second we are talking about the catholic faith. I was once a catholic, but I’ve come to relize that nothing is very good enough for that faith. Its okay to rape little boys and/or girls, its okay to run someone over with a car and kill them but its not okay to me on national tv. Give me a break its america. Each and everyone of you just commited a sin you judge someone before you have ever meet her. Just think about that. What happend to the 10 commandment? Its okay for one people to kill or rape someone but for someone do not do something aginst the law she’s being punished for it. Give the girl a break she is only 23. She has a whole life ahead of her and got knows what you would do for money.

  17. I’m a friend of randi’s, although i’ve only known her for 2 years. i was seeing what kinds of things i would find on her if i browsed the internet for her name and this was the first link i got.

    and i found you discussion interesting. but let me say that randi is one of the nicest people i know, and i think its terrible how you guys can tear her apart. she was offered half a million to be on TV, would you turn that down. At the age of 22? She has no idea what she wants to do. Whats the harm in that. And the teachers salary of 20-30k is nothing compared to the 280k that half a million is after taxes. Thats like 10 years teaching.

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