Kiss and bill

In Montreal, two 12-year-old girls were “encouraged” to switch schools after they were caught charging boys $5 to watch them kiss. Apparently, the girls were inspired by the televised kiss of Madonna and Britney Spears.

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  1. Blow jobs on the bus,Dirty dancing at the prom and now $5 bucks to watch em tonsil box

    Women have gotten their equality alright

    Just as sleazy as we are

    My guess is the parents are more upset with the school punishing them than they are with the kids doing it

  2. clark e myers says:

    Not 12-grade, 7-grade and 12 years old. There was a time this would have been a considerable difference. Maybe not today
    Quote:”Grade 7 girls were “encouraged” to leave their school …The 12-year-olds charged boys $5 to watch the lunch-hour show late last year.”

  3. Walter Wallis says:

    $5? Nah!

    $2 tops.

  4. You’re right about the age/grade thing. I’ll fix it.

  5. PJ/Maryland says:

    I’m confused. Two girls kiss, and then they are encouraged to go to another school. What is this, school choice for lesbians only?

    I wonder what Andrew Sullivan would say?

  6. Would they have still been expelled if they hadn’t charged money? What if they were lesbians?

    At any rate, when I was in school, students were not allowed to engage in on-campus commercial sales endeavors unless it was a school-sponsored fundraiser.

  7. D. Cooper says:

    Brian .. get it right … it’s tonsil hockey or tounge tag !! Do they take Visa ??

  8. And some of you wonder why people Homeschool:

    It’s not just for religious fundamentalists.

  9. Jack Tanner says:

    Exactly why should they leave the school? Is it an ongoing disciplinary problem? Should they attend a business oriented school? Maybe they should have been told to stop.