How, how, how do I love Howard

At the Weekly Standard, Matt Labash mercilessly mocks Deaniacs’ campaign songs, including the whitest rap ever rapped.

No fewer than 10 songs mention that Dean’s a doctor, and rarely do they do so in the poetic, rock’n’roll sense (such as the Thompson Twins’ early ’80s plaint, “Doctor, Doctor, can’t you see I’m burnin’, burnin'”). Some get painted into unfortunate lyrical corners. Denny Zartman, an AM radio-board operator from Smyrna, Ga., sings in “We Want Howard Dean”: “We’re gonna need a doctor to fix us up quick / We need to remove our Bush and our Dick.” But many of the doc references come off like the boasts of beaming old women in the bingo parlors of their assisted-living complexes — as in, “My son’s a doctor.”

My parents owned Sing Along with Millard Fillmore, a collection of campaign songs. I remember, “Row, row, row with Roosevelt, on the Good Ship USA.” There also was “Root, root, root for Roosevelt” due to confusion about the pronunciation of his name.

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  1. we enjoy making fun of dean too. as shown here. he’s the worst.

  2. Actually, Bush is the worst. Should be an interesting election. 🙂

  3. Warren Beatty was way ahead of the curve with his wonderful politician rap in Bulworth …

  4. Remember, the two Roosevelts, though distant cousins, pronounced their last names differently.

    It was Franklin Rose-evelt, Theodore Ruse-evelt. Was “Row Row Row” for Frank, and “Root Root Root” for Teddy?

    And for the record, I don’t want Howard Dean to remove anything I’ve got, doctor or no doctor.

  5. Why I would drive myself to actually listen to that rap I will know not. ALl I know is that I’ll likely have to ceremonially burn my headphones to excise the evil spirits that have now come through it.

  6. Jack Tanner says:

    They’ll be releasing their LP called Chant-along with the Cult over the website.

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