France may ban bandannas and beards in school — but only if they’re worn for religious reasons. Quelle bizarre.

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  1. It makes sense because in this situation, sadly, there is little practical difference between “for religious reasons” and “for gang identification.”

  2. As I understand the proposed law, scarves, if gang-related, are OK…….Ah France……some much comedy, so little time to enjoy it.

  3. PJ/Maryland says:

    Um, so shaving your head would be prohibited if you did it for religious reasons? “No, I shaved my head as part of a gang-initiation!” “Oh, then it’s okay.”

    I suspect beards came up because Ferry wants to appear even-handed, and most of the discussion has been about girls’ headwear. Note too the equating of “Islamic head scarves, Jewish skullcaps and Christian crosses”, when obviously the crosses can be worn under clothing.

    The next move, I suppose, will be checking kids’ underwear for secret religious symbols…

  4. Do pentagrams count as religious symbols?

  5. Did a double take when reading the article. I thought I’d read:

    And so, “if a beard is transformed into a religious sign it will fall under the law,” Ferry said. “and will be banned, if young girls present it as a religious sign.”

    Given that, I’d say the French schools more important things to worry about.

  6. Tom, same double-take here. Oh, it’s bandannas for girls (and apparently beards walking around the schools by themselves, but they’re banned only if they’re religious beards).

    This whole story has been amazing. After 50 years of shamelessly sucking up to any Arab with oil, the French are going to blow all that goodwill and make themselves terrorist target #2 (after Israel) over something as trivial as scarves and beards.

  7. Jack Tanner says:

    What if you worship Lynnard Skynnard?

  8. “French are going to blow all that goodwill and make themselves terrorist target #2 (after Israel) over something as trivial as scarves and beards”

    Sing it with me now: ‘It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas……’

    A little “death and destruction’ on French soil might be good for them anatomically. (might promote backbone growth……..)

  9. France has suddenly woken up to the fact that it has big problems with a fair number of its Islamic immigrants. I have long thought that if French culture were seriously threatened (or perceived to be), all the multicultural principles would fly out the window and fast.

  10. Mark: What Meezer said. France doesn’t care about oil and terrorism, compared to the impending demographic destruction of Le France, as near as I can tell.

    Also, other people are reporting (and since it makes historical sense and fits in perfectly, I see no reason to doubt it) the the French public schools are deliberately and by design intended to be secularising. This was first applied against the power of the Catholic Church, but the principle seems to remain.

    France, after all, is not the US, and the thin veneer of religious tolerance there is, well, thin. And a veneer. Or so it appears, at any rate. Any France experts have a take?

  11. It’s going to be so hard not to gloat over dead Frenchmen…