Talking to parents

Parent-teacher conferences are valuable in high school too, writes English teacher Patrick Welsh in USA Today.

Parent involvement with teachers tends to taper off after kids get into high school and some high schools have given up altogether on formal meetings. Over the years, however, students have told me that it was usually in the ninth and 10th grades when their friends made the choices that took them into the party culture of alcohol, marijuana and minimal effort in school. Parents usually were clueless about the direction in which their kids were heading. More than ever, those are the years when parents and teachers need to pool information and insights about their charges.

It’s worth it for teachers too, writes Welsh, even though they’re bound to meet a few grade-grubbing mothers.

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  1. Oh my goodness. What planet am I on? I saw nearly 100 parents during conferences this past semester, and I get calls and emails all the time. I think school culture has more influence over parent involvement than age.