Suffer the little children

Natalie Solent, a self-admitted fellow traveler who’s failed her libertarian parenting badge, writes about Learning by minor suffering.

Libertarian parenting? Hah! I’ve got merit badges for nagging and bossing, not to mention the much-coveted Order of the Imperious Order.

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  1. Do you have the Medal of the Baleful Glance?

  2. If you have a kid who is not hell-bent on self destruction, you can actually accomplish quite a bit with encouragement, explanations, and cautionary tales. Natural consequences are OK except when you’re teaching your child not to play in traffic and things of that nature.

  3. Yes, Michael, I have the Medal of the Baleful Glance — with Raised Eyebrow. If a child is properly pre-nagged, no words are necessary.