Stars of blunder

Big Arm Woman has advice for her church’s preschool committee on “toddler wrangling” for the Christmas pageant.

Arming 15 2-year olds with hard cardboard stars glued to sticks and then forcing them to climb 2 flights of concrete stairs without a hand rail is a good way to give the preschool Christmas pageant a PG-13 rating for blood and violence. And getting said toddlers back DOWN the stairs is a good way to give 5 or 6 teachers heart attacks.

Oh, what’s Christmas without a little blood.

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  1. Well, the Massacre of Innocents is part of the Christmas story. :0)

  2. Mark Odell says:
  3. Tra La La La La……La La La “SPLAAAAT”

  4. PJ/Maryland says:

    I can’t quite picture a star without sharp points (I assume that’s where some of the blood comes from). Nerf stars?

    Add in nerf stairs, and we’re all set!

  5. I always think it is the high-light when there is a bit of biffo in the Christmas Play, especially amongst the angels.

    My wife teaches Grade 1 in a verrrry expensive girls school, and I go along as a Spousal Duty, so having no attachment to any of the kids I’m always looking for a bit more than just the Nativity thing.

  6. dave'swife says:

    I taught the 5s class in Bible School once and I’ve still got the scars to prove it.
    God will surely bless toddlers at Christmas, they’re soooo precious!

  7. How it’s terrible!