Saddam no more

In letters from jail, former Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz now refers to his younger son, named Saddam, as “Zuhair.” At least, he hasn’t renamed the kid “George.” I bet there’s a lot of renaming in Iraq these days.

A Uruguayan friend went to school with children from German families who arrived in South America in 1946 and changed their last names to the Spanish equivalents of Smith and Jones. But the parents rarely bothered to change the first name of the German-born elder sons, all of whom seemed to be “Adolf.”

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  1. He probably figured it best not to use a phrase such as “Saddam, Aziz, and me” while in jail. It might be taken as an invitation if said quickly.

  2. All right, Ross. I had to say it out loud.


  3. Okay!