Rich and fit

Schools with affluent students earn the highest scores — in fitness, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

California students in grades 5, 7 and 9 are required each March to run a mile, perform sit-ups and pushups, do stretching exercises, and have their height-weight ratio evaluated for the “Fitnessgram” test. The state released the latest results earlier this month.

No Bay Area high school topped Marin County’s Sir Francis Drake High, where 70.5 percent of last year’s freshmen scored within the state’s “healthy fitness zone” on all six measures of fitness.

And none did as poorly as Richmond High in the West Contra Costa Unified district, where not one student performed all six of the required physical feats to the state’s satisfaction.

In affluent areas, students are more likely to eat a Dorito-free breakfast. Though the story doesn’t mention this, low-income kids tend to spend more time watching TV; they’re not taking dance, karate or gymnastics classes after school and may not have access to a child-safe park.

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  1. But the really telling comment was from a student: “They take everything seriously at Drake”. Good schools take things seriously and lousy schools don’t.