Lonely Caucasians

What these “white” kids need is an Identity Doesn’t Have To Be About Race Club. Note that one girl who tried to start a Caucasian Club is part Latino and part Native American; another girl who’d like to join one is part Indonesian.

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  1. PJ/Maryland says:

    Any thoughts on what one would do at a Caucasian Club? For that matter, what do blacks do at African Club meetings, plan the next rally?

  2. Plan the next rally? Sort of.

    These clubs were devised with a singular purpose–to be able to exclude white people. This was done in response to the exclusion of minorities in many facets of life.

    Other than that, they really have little purpose. There’s only so much interest you can generate in learning the history and great deeds of >place oppressed race herePlan the next rally? Sort of.

    These clubs were devised with a singular purpose–to be able to exclude white people. This was done in response to the exclusion of minorities in many facets of life.

    Other than that, they really have little purpose. There’s only so much interest you can generate in learning the history and great deeds of >place oppressed race here

  3. Jack,

    Ummm, well, to put it politely… you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

    I’m a grad student at Berkeley… and I’m white…
    yet, I have participated in the Black Graduate Students and Engineering Society… I was never made to feel excluded… in fact, i was very much welcomed…

    The organization has done many things…
    On the academic front, it hosted workshops open to the ENTIRE campus on computer/technology issues…
    It has hosted various speakers of various ethnicities… again, open to the entire campus.
    In terms of outreach… it has sponsored various science fairs for Oakland public high school students… again, open to ALL ethnicities… in fact, the annual science fair seems to have just as many asian, latino, and white students as african-american… the mentors, who were grad students at berkeley, were also representative of all races…

    There used to be social events as well… parties, ski trips, etc… I’ve participated in those events as well… in fact, in the past, I’ve even hosted some of the parties…

    Are there SOME ethnicity-related organizations that do nothing? I’m sure there are…
    Come to think of it… seems that the white frat system on this campus seems to be that way…

  4. PJ/Maryland says:

    Jab, interesting. So what does the “Black” in the group’s title refer to? Is there a plain Graduate Students and Engineering Society? (Or a White one? Or maybe Asian is most likely, based on my experience.)

    Also, are the frats at Berkeley really racially restricted, or are you just saying they tend to be mostly white?

  5. PJ,

    I screwed up the name of the org in my previous post… it’s the Black Graduate Engineering and Science Student Association (BGESS for short)…
    Basically, it was founded for two purposes:
    As a support structure for the very few African-Americans who pursue PhD’s in Engineering and the physical sciences… they host social and welcoming events, etc… and provide a networking forum. More importantly, they do alot of outreach… science fairs, recruiting trips to
    HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) to encourage undergrads to pursue higher degrees… they mentor the undergrads at Berkeley… etc…
    If you look up the numbers, there are just ridiculously few African-Americans in highly technical fields…

    That being said, the group is open to ANYONE who cares about these issues…

    As for the frats… well, i was being snarky… yes, alot of the frats are very white… but they aren’t intentionally (to my knowledge) exclusive…

  6. Anybody remember the comedian Martin Mull? His History of White People in America was hilarious. One skit was class “heritage day”. The elementary school teacher asked kids to speak on their family history. So the Black, Jewish and Mexican kids tell their stories. When she gets to little Jimmy he goes, “well we used to live on Maple street, but now we live on Elm Street”.

    A severe lack of American History Instruction is a little to blame for a lack of American Identity (if that’s what you call it). Where I live in Connecticut, I like to point out to my daughter that the first building was a Meeting house. This was not only a place for church meetings, but was the town hall (and a big political debate occurred on which side of the river it should be built on). Americans have been doing the hardest task of self government for over 300 years. That’s a pretty impressive heritage.

  7. Cousin Dave says:

    Where I live, there’s a Society of Black Engineers. Their purpose, quite simply, is to help black (and other minority) engineers get through school and find jobs. In our area at least, quite a few blacks are first-generation college attendees and graduates. The organization mentors; it helps them with which courses they need to take and how to do research and other day-to-day practical aspects of dealing with higher education. And when they graduate, the organization helps them with how to write resumes and apply for jobs, and exercise connections. (This is a very “connected” town and a lot of hiring occurs through word of mouth.) They conduct public lectures on science and engineering topics where everyone is welcome, and they have been successful in getting nationally-known speakers.

  8. The Caucasian Clubs could all get together and plan the next worldwide domination….( I guess it would have to be males only too!)

  9. jeff wright says:

    These kids are just experiencing a feeling of anomie, analogous to the feelings of a lot of minority people, e.g., black, Latino, Asian, etc., in a predominantly white society. So the desire to separate into groups where people look the same is understandable. This is normal human behavior.

    IMO, these kids do this because of the message of diversity in modern American society, one that essentially demands that white people bend over backward to “understand” those of other races or ethnicity. As a white male, I have to say that I find “diversity,” as practiced, to be idiotic. Not only does it view each member of each minority group as being the same, it does the same with whites. There are an awful lot of thoughtful black, Latino and Asian people out there who resent being lumped in with various underachievers, criminals and ne’er-do-wells—solely because they share the same skin color or ethnicity. Just as I resent being lumped in with a racist redneck whose only similarity to me is in skin color. In fact, if you wanted a textbook definition of discrimination, you wouldn’t have to look far beyond “diversity.”

    Bottom line: these white kids feel that they’re targets of discrimination. And they just want to be able to go somewhere where they won’t be judged by the color of their skin. Just like the kids who flock to the black, Latino, Asian, etc., societies. The only redeeming thing about these various racial/ethnic societies is that many members will learn that not everyone who shares their skin color or ethnicity is just like them.

  10. god.. it’s an interesting life…

    I go to Alcorn State University.. a recruited white student at an HBCU. Administration wants me here for quota purposes, and I was just as happy to be here. Figured I could get a lot more out of the social experience than I would at a predominantly white school.

    My school is subject to a MS issue called “The Ayers Case”. Basically, Ayers was a man whose son went to an HBCU and Ayers made a complaint about HBCU’s getting less state funding than PWI’s. The case was settled and my school was to get its fair share through an affirmative action-style enrollment stipulation. Basically, they need a certain number of “non-black” students.

    I hear, constantly, that this school fails to attract students, solely because it’s a black school. I highly doubt that, having attended courses here for over a year now.

    Real reasons that ASU fails..

    Two basic problems…

    #1 – At Alcorn, if you pay attention in class, study, don’t make loud, irrelevant comments in class, don’t flirt with/joke with/bribe/share all your business with your teacher, you will either fail or make a passing grade. Good grades are obtained by doing the opposite of what I stated. Alcorn does not reward independent thinkers or “good students”. Rather, Alcorn rewards class clowns and the students who whine the most at finals after having attended less than 50% of a course’s class periods. If you want a good education, do not go here. If you want to screw around and pass because the teachers don’t care enough to fail you or press you to learn anything, then by all means, attend this school.

    #2 – Alcorn is a PUBLICALLY-FUNDED STATE SCHOOL, which is subject to LAWS which should prevent the infringement of personal civil rights. However, an unfortunately prevalent “black mentality” (as it’s been explained to me by my equally-exasperated black classmates) forces people to avoid bringing in outside authority, for fear that they might be enlisting “white assistance”. As such, students are still subject to ridiculous, antiquated rules that interfere with students’ relationships, privacy, and dignity. They will forever be subject to things like this until enough people complain and demand better, but no one wants to rock the boat. Things like “room checks”, which are often selective (one student will be checked, while others on the floor are left alone), $50 “untidy room fees” (which are given during spring and easter breaks, while the student is unable to protest. Additionally, usually only females are subject to this. Males are allowed to live in squalor. Talk about a sexist double-standard.), and “student visitation restrictions” (i.e.; EXPULSION and/or a humiliating “trial” in which male and female students who were “caught” in one or the others’ room, will have to face campus security, housing, and student affairs representatives and undergo a barrage of personal, inappropriate questions).

    I’ve personally suffered assualts, robberies, harrassment, and administrative incompetence at this school. The only reason I am attending for one more semester, is to get a few hours wrapped up while I’m on scholarship, so that I can transfer to a better school. As it is, I can’t afford yet to simply relocate, and I’m nearly breaking myself financially to rent a tiny, overpriced room outside the campus gates, JUST so that I will have some semblance of privacy and quiet in which to study.

    Of course, I’ve made numerous complaints, written endless reports, and gone to a ridiculous number of upper-administration meetings, wherein my opinion was sought in regard to how white students should be accomidated here.

    Last year, a student affairs official came up with the “brilliant” idea of naming me the OFFICIAL “White Minority Student Representative” in student govt., until such time that someone else ran for the position and I got voted out or re-elected. I stared at him in disbelief, and asked, simply, “why don’t you just get the rope right now and we can get my immenent hanging out of the way. At least there’s daylight and I could see who was attending..”.

    He was not amused. He was not in disagreement with me, though, pon further reflection. Quite simply, he might as well have given me a “KKK ALL THE WAY!” t-shirt to wear, as far as a great number of black students would have been concerned. All I have to do is mention that this school offers NO internships/conference opportunities/etc that are NOT for black students only, and I get slammed with the “racist uppity white bitch” title.

    Need I mention that my fiance’ is black, my great grandmother was black, my closest friends are black…. none of that matters. I am irreparably pale, and thus, there is nothing for me at this school. This school which recruited me, promised me a good education, a safe environment, and opportunities to excel.

    I’m a music major, by the way. I’ve learned a lot about southern gospel, which is great. However, half my faculty treat classical music training as the musical equivalent of “eating ones’ vegetables. Which is to say, as a music student here, I’m being short-changed in music history, theory, etc… this doesn’t help ANY of us as music students. God help anyone who isn’t studying music history on their own, in the event that they decide to switch schools. They’ll never make it on the weak amount of it that we’re learning here.

    Personally, I don’t think Alcorn should see another DIME until they

    – hire people in the offices who will do their jobs and assist students

    – Get rid of these antiquated “student conduct” rules, and start expelling students who act like ghetto-thugs while making a whopping 0.8 GPA, instead of putting them back on scholarship.

    – Stop recruiting white students until such time as they can produce a safe environment for them. Consistent harrassment, degradation, etc… if not especially from teachers, is NOT conduscive to learning.

    I can’t wait til I’m out of here. Needless to say, my fiance’ (who goes to school with me and is a good student) feels the same way.