Elvis is back and he’s Jewish

Via Andrew Sullivan, a funny story about Hanukkah in Memphis.

This year’s Hanukkah program at Beth Sholom Synagogue featured a uniquely Memphis touch — telling the story of the religious miracle through retooled versions of Elvis Presley’s hits.

The synagogue featured an Elvis impersonator and students from Solomon Schechter Day School singing slightly altered hits of the King, including “Blue Suede Jews” and “Heartbreak Kotel,” a reference to Jerusalem’s Western Wall that’s also known as the Kotel Ha Maaravi.

Aint nothing but a hanukkiah.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    I guess it was the Jew’s turn, after “Jesus Christ, Super Star.”

  2. D Anghelone says:

    In The Ghetto – no retooling required.