Don’t say it

Lake Superior State University has released its list of overused, misused and useless words and phrases that should be banned in 2004. “Metrosexual” leads the list, which includes “bling bling” and “shock and awe.”

On the other hand, SF Gate declares “metrosexual” the top word of 2003, beating out “bling bling.”

Consider this post “ripped from the headlines.”

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  1. And ???

  2. When I am Queen of the World, people who use the word “literally” too much will be flogged.

  3. D Anghelone says:

    LSSU – changing the paradigm since 1976.

  4. D. Cooper says:

    >’When I am Queen of the World, people who use the word “literally” too much will be flogged.’

    By the time you’re the Queen I’ll be the ‘King’ and by my decree ‘LITERALLY’ no one will be flogged !!

  5. I vote for “sexist,” “racist” and “homophobic.

    Every person in America has now been called sexist, racist and/or homophobic at least a thousand times.

    The words, thus, have absolutely no meaning and have been rendered useless, except as all-purpose curses flung at people we don’t like. Throwing one of these curses at another person is now indistinguishable from simply saying: “You are an a-hole.”

  6. D. Cooper says:

    .. Stephen … tend to agree, so when I’m King, let’s throw in .. ‘mean spirited’ .. every time I trip over something and say ‘damn’, my collegues on my ‘Left’ (not to be confused with my ‘liberal’ friends) call me ‘mean spirited’ … and it’s gotten so that when ‘Frankies’, the local deli, overcharges for a quart of mike, he’s now a ‘multinational corporation’ … so we’ll throw that in too !!! And I might add that I’m not a ‘sexist’, ‘racist’, ‘homophobic’ but sometimes my ‘friends’ call me an ‘a hole’ …not to be confused with a ‘dootie head’ !!

  7. That would be a quart of ‘milk’, not quart of ‘mike’ !!! I suffer from a mild form of LLLS (Limited Letter Location Syndrome) and I can’t spel !

  8. ahh don’t forget “gay”
    not gay is in homosexual, gay as in you trip and someone says “THATS GAY” or you have a report due on Friday and everyone says “THATS GAY.”
    no, no, i really must let all these people know, homo as well as heterosexuals trip on things, and as far as I am aware, reports and other inanimate objects have no sexual preferences.