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I’ve been nominated for Best Female-authored Blog on Wizbang’s 2003 Weblog Awards. Yet Meryl Yourish and Jane Galt are running ahead of me. (Hint.)

By the way, I’m not offended by the category. There aren’t that many female-authored blogs and . . . Oh, I’m just too lazy to be offended any more.

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  1. Thank you. You’re the first blog I read every day. I’m never disappointed.


  2. Wacky Hermit says:

    I just blink at people who say stuff like, “It’s so wonderful that you are a woman in a male-dominated field like math.” Like I went into math because I was a woman and it was a male-dominated field. I went into math because I wanted to and I could. I’ve never asked for nor gotten special treatment because of my anatomy.

    So I just blink at them as if they had said, “It’s so great that a person whose favorite color is blue went into a field where so many have red as their favorite color.”

  3. jeff wright says:

    Joanne, as with Tom, you are my first stop each day. You get my vote, even if it is “just” for a female-authored blog.

  4. Hey – I went into the male-dominated fields to get lots of dates….

  5. As of this posting you’re in third.

  6. Sean Kinsell says:

    “Yet Meryl Yourish and Jane Galt are running ahead of me. (Hint.)”

    Nice to see that you’re not too lazy to use underhanded, manipulative female power. 😉

  7. Sorry but no. There are 10’s of thousands of female written blogs.

  8. Caffeinated Curmudgeon says:

    Well, I voted early. But they don’t let anybody vote too often.

    Oh, and thanks for the bag of unmarked small bills delivered by a brown shoed square in the dead of night.

  9. PJ/Maryland says:

    Hey, I didn’t get a bag of cash! Deliver it any way you want, I’m not particular. Or at least a roll of quarters…

  10. Congratulations, Joanne. Though I often disagree with you, I respect your ideas and find the links on your blog interesting.

  11. damaged justice says:

    Joanne, I love your blog but I think I have to cast my vote for Pamela Jones’ Groklaw:

    (Full disclosure: I’m an anarchocapitalist who finds himself [dis]agreeing just as often with either PJ or Jane Galt, but I believe Galt has some fundamentally incorrect assumptions that lead her to incorrect conclusions regarding the Linux/SCO case.)

  12. Ms. Jabobs;

    I’ll vote for you if you fix your trackback problems.

  13. Well, I’m offended. There’s no category for Best Blog By a Baldheaded Talk Show Host.

    Actually, I am up for Best Adorable Rodent. How about a little of that reciprocal voting?

  14. Jane Galt is a pseudonym. Although I am not sure of this, I thought I read somewhere that the author of that blog is a male.

  15. PJ/Maryland says:

    Glen: Actually, is primarily written by Megan McArdle, whose picture here looks pretty feminine to me. Tho you never know what changes take place when the moon is full…

    (Actually, she shares her blog with Mindles Dreck, who is male [and completely anonymous], but he hasn’t been posting much lately. You may have been thinking of him.)

  16. Found your site via the contest. Interesting blog, especially for a (Dutch math) teacher blogging on education (in Dutch however) and politics/economics (mainly in English).
    Interesting to find common trends as well as the differences. Maybe I should switch my blogging on education to English as well…
    (I voted for you of course)