If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Galadriel, Elf, Queen of Lothlorien, wife of Celeborn and grandmother of Arwen.

In the movie, I am played by Cate Blanchett.

Who would you be?
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  1. Sauron… Bwa..ha..ha..ha.ha

  2. I’m Gandalf…

    But that was a weak quiz… only 7 questions
    boring ones at that (Do you have a beard?)
    Come on, the author could have put a little more into it…
    Every once and a while you’ll come across one of these quizzes where the author put a lot of thought and creativity into it…
    this one was just lame…

  3. ***Julie*** says:

    Eowyn….I can live with that…but I would have liked to be an elf!

  4. I’m Merry. The beard thing was a little silly. I was hoping for Galadriel, but guess I’m of smaller hobitish proportions.

  5. I’d be Sauron.


  6. jeff wright says:

    I agree with Jab. Lame quiz. But, then, at least I did make king, namely Celeborn, Elf, King of Lothlorien, husband of Galadriel and grandfather of Arwen.

    I can also guarantee you that if I were Sauron, no little people would threaten my empire.

  7. I’d be Eowyn.