Winning respect

Wilcox High in Santa Clara, California was on its way to a great season, till the coach learned a special teams player had forged a teacher’s signature on a grade change. The coach reported the ineligible player. The team forfeited five games. It made the front page of the San Jose Merc. Integrity is newsworthy these days.

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  1. PJ/Maryland says:

    Hurray, integrity won… this time. But it seems to me that the penalty (forfeiting 6 games, out of a 12 [?] game season) is out of line with the infraction. I’m not sure what a good penalty would be in this case, but I think some kids may draw the lesson that confessing can cause monumental punishment. Which is why people try to cover up, after all.

    Since one reason this problem came about was because the school withholds grades from students who owe library fines, I hope the school is reassessing that policy, at least.

  2. PJ – the thing is, he didn’t confess – he forged a signature on a grade, and was discovered by a guidance counsellor checking up on senior grades. If he had just come foreward to begin with, I’m betting he probably would have been cut, and there would have been no penalty for the team.

    I’m with you on the library fines, though. A friend from college almost didn’t get his BA because he owed the Bursar’s office 80 cents. He really needed that money for milk, too.

  3. I think PJ was talking about how the coach confessed to the league about the forged signature. The league dropped a hammer on the team by forcing 6 forfeits and that may teach the kids that confessing, as the coach did, brings bad things while the original kid’s deception didn’t.

  4. All I know is that I want my kids to play for a coach like this.

  5. The team had an ineligible player, so the penalty was to forfeit any game that player appeared in. It seems harsh, but that rule has been in place for as long as I can remember (I know it was in place when I was in high school, long before electricity was invented 🙂 ).

    I credit the coach for coming forward, knowing exactly what the penalty would be. If there’s any justice, the player who forged his eligibility will be ostracized by his classmates.

  6. Why is attending a class (sports) dependent on Your GPA? Would it apply to a talented mechanic who wanted to take a shop class?