Voucher hope

Washington, D.C. will start a five-year experiment with school vouchers next fall, under a deal struck by congressional Republicans. Students from low-income families could receive as much as $7,500 to pay for tuition at private or parochial schools.

“When we offer false hope to children who have very little . . . that is a sin, indeed,” said Sen. Mary Landrieu, Democrat of Louisiana. What does Landrieu offer students stuck in D.C.’s dreadful schools? No hope?

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  1. FRANK ZAVISCA says:

    As a resident of Louisiana, I can tell you what she and the LA legislature have offered students stuck in LA’s dreadful schools – NO HOPE.

    And the citizens of LA have elected (by a small margin) to ramain in secure poverty by electing a sleepy White grandmother over a confident Brown man who had a good track record of responsible leadership and a specific plan to address problems.

    And the people of LA have a great future within their grasp – but they don’t want it. Secure poverty of mind is difficult to give up – because taking chances when there is no hope is worse. And Sen Landriu has assured her future – by offering no hope to people who have been deceived into believing that there is no hope.