Tolerance or else

God of the Machine links to a South Park episode in which a gay teacher, hoping to win a bias settlement, tries vainly to get fired. The teacher gets an award; students are sent to Devitzen’s Tolerance Camp:

Camp Warden: Everything in order?

Camp Soldier: Yes, mein Fuhrer. Ve are making the prisoners make macaroni pictures that illustrate diversity in the verkplace.

Camp Warden: [looks at a paper with two people shaking hands and with “DIVERSITY” written above them] Eh-xcellent! [down below the kids continue with their pictures.]

Kyle: [Suddenly falls on his face] Oh.

Stan: Kyle. [helps him up and tries to rouse him] Kyle, you have to keep making your macaroni pictures.

Kyle: [limply] Can’t… glue… any… more . [falls on his face again]

Stan: The guards are coming, Kyle. Glue. Glue, damn you!

Camp Warden: Take this one away. He is done for. [a soldier drags a boy’s body along the floor]

Stan: Butters!

Butters: No more… arts and crafts…

Another God of the Machine post suggests that hatred of tests combined with love of projects is a sign of the criminal mind. I always suspected as much.

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