The Great Tran Robberies

New York City’s Harvey Milk High School, designed as a haven for gay, bisexual and transgender teen-agers, is in the news. And not in a good way.

Five transgender teens who attend Harvey Milk HS posed as female prostitutes, and then robbed their tricks by claiming to be undercover cops willing to let them go free in exchange for cash and credit cards, sources said.

The five, who were arrested yesterday, managed to pull off at least five separate Greenwich Village robberies in the last month by dressing as hookers and working in teams of two or three, authorities said.

Once the young thieves struck a deal with a prospective john for sex, they would declare that they were undercover cops, police said.

They would handcuff the victims and demand their wallets in exchange for letting them go.

I stole the headline from Agenda Blender.

Perhaps not the best argument I’ve ever read for gathering vulnerable and preyed upon gay and transsexual youth from all parts of the city into their own more understanding school. But then again, schools generally have a real knack for accumulating under one two-acre roof, every community’s otherwise far flung troublemakers. Big Ed.’s massifying centrifuge, the prison clearinghouse effect. Sometimes they even bring the really bright kids together for another kind of critical mass. When they bring the really bright troublemakers together, you best get out of town.

I like to think of the robberies as a group project that went wrong.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    High school is too soon for anyone to lock into any sexual identity.

  2. Richard Brandshaft says:

    New York high school students actually committing violent crimes! Astounding! Unprecedented! Obviously, it’s because of that morally corrupt gay/transgender high school idea.

    Not only that, the victims apparently thought the robbers actually policemen. How could New Yorkers think that about New York’s Finest? Such a question would REALLY be politically incorrect.

  3. Walter,

    Do you realize how ridiculous that comment is?
    Do you tell straight kids, “Hey, you can be so sure you’re straight… give it some time… high school is too soon to lock in your sexual identity.”

    I have a feeling that when you said “High school is too soon for ANYONE”… you didn’t really mean anyone… you meant gay kids… as if they would grow out of it.

    Now on the off chance, you really do mean that it’s too early for straight kids to know if they really are straight, well then… I will profusely apologize.

  4. Wacky Hermit says:

    No minor child should be allowed to have sex. With anybody. Period. They are just too young to fully understand the implications, and too immature to face the possible consequences.

  5. And no adult should be so naive as to think that by telling minors that they shouldn’t do something, they won’t be that much more inclined to try it the first chance they get. Making something more taboo is the best way to make it happen more often.

    Further, I’ve met plenty of adults who don’t “fully understand the implications, and [are] too immature to face the possible consequences.” Would you suggest that these people should also somehow be banned from sexual activity? If so, how would you suggest that the law differentiate between mature and immature adults?


  6. jeff wright says:

    Jab, give it a rest. The man wrote, “any sexual identity.” Based on your post, I guess it’s OK if straight kids are confused, meaning I guess, that there’s hope that they may change, but that there is no confusion when other kids lock on, laser beam-like, to being “gay.”

    Incidentally, my Webster’s dictionary defines “gay” as “homosexual life style,” but it’s ranked number five.

  7. Nick,
    I suppose you shouldn’t tell children not to steal cause they’ll just run right out and do it. Or lie, or hurt others feelings, or sas their teachers at school. I think I’ve had your kids in my classes.

  8. Meezer:

    There’s a huge difference between 1) sitting a minor down and explaining that sex can be a very meaningful experience wtih all sorts of possible implications and that it is something that may have lots of consequences that a minor may not be able to deal with and 2) saying that no minor should ever have sex, EVER EVER EVER under any circumstances.

    You can make all the laws you want about minors having sex – and in America, there are already plenty – but you’re not goign to keep kids from having sex by telling them they can’t. You have to explain to kids why they shouldn’t.

    If people explained the possible implications and consequences of sex to their kids instead of heming and hawing around and leaving them to find out where babies come from by fooling around with the next-door neighbor when they’re 13… That is, if we replaced the Puritanical attitudes that many people (such as yourself, apparently) hold with attitudes that taught minors to respect themselves and their bodies, then we wouldn’t have an issue with minors having sex in the first place.

  9. PJ/Maryland says:

    I like to think of the robberies as a group project that went wrong.

    And how many school projects actually show a profit?

  10. Jab, I think high school is too young to “lock into any sexual identity”… but maybe because of all the gay men I know who were “straight” back in those days, not to mention all the women I know who were lesbians for about four years.

  11. Jeff,

    You never, ever hear anyone tell a straight kid that he shouldn’t be so sure he/she is straight, that its too soon for them to know… that is only said to gay kids… in the hopes that they will grow out of it… the reality is, for the vast majority (not all) of kids, sexual identity is locked pretty early…

    Jeff Wright wrote:
    “Incidentally, my Webster’s dictionary defines “gay” as “homosexual life style,” but it’s ranked number five.”

    Ohhhh, cry me a river… the damn homosexuals ruined a perfectly good word… darn, now when jeff is merry and cheerful, he can’t proclaim how gay he feels out of fear that he will be confused with participating in the “homosexual life style”…

  12. Why does not having sex as a teen have to be associated with having a Puritanical attitude? I’m so tired of *that* stereotype. Sex ed hasn’t had any effect on the out-of-wedlock childbirth statistics that I can see. And this is a crock: “if kids were taught to respect themselves and their bodies, blah blah blah”. Sex ed has been in schools how long yet numbers aren’t getting lower. Puritanical attitudes can’t hold a candle to sex ed, tv, movies and commercialism when it comes to teaching kids about sex.


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