A boy falls asleep in algebra class. So the teacher refers him for drug and alcohol testing. He passes the breathalyzer. He has no track marks. Diagnosis: He’s bored.

It must be depressing for a teacher when she puts the hyperactive kid to sleep. And he’s still getting an A.

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  1. LOL. That is *way* depressing!

  2. My sophmore year of high school was boring. I had three study halls a day–and this at a “challenging” private school.

    It was a relief to homeschool the rest of highschool. At least then, when my time was wasted and dull, it was my responsibility.

  3. Are you sure this isn’t like that ‘A’ that the girl who never attended her geography class got?

    I have fallen asleep in only one class, Physics 10/20 (this is Alberta in the late 80’s). The instructor was the prototypical monotone geek.

  4. Richard Brandshaft says:

    The next time a story comes up about how hard it is to expel real trouble makers, remember this.

    Children need elaborate legal protection because so many school officials are jerks. (Just like adults need “legal technicalities” because cops are scum.)

  5. I’m just another great fan of your blog.