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No decent parent would let their child be alone with Michael Jackson, writes Rabbi Dov Fischer. But many let their kids be corrupted by TV, radio or video games. This is a guy who censors The Simpsons. But I think he has a point, especially about media that children absorb outside a parent’s presence. My daughter used to watch Beverly Hills 90210 (banned in the Fischer home). I’d sit in the kitchen reading the paper. When I heard something especially stupid — ours is not a sound-proofed dwelling — I’d go to the living room and rant about it.

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  1. Hmmm… Michael Jackson or “primetime” TV: Classic chicken or the egg…..

  2. I don’t let my kids watch the Simpsons either. The last thing I need is any of them learning to talk to me or their dad the way Bart talks to Homer.

    Don’t get me wrong– the Simpsons is a great show, hysterically funny. But it ain’t a kids’ show, even if it is a cartoon.

  3. I don’t either, Margaret. It’s an adult satire.

  4. Ever really watch Bugs Bunny? All good cartoons are (or at least used to be) for adults with brains…

  5. I censor much more than the Simpsons. I censor all television. Very little of the behavior that appears on television would be permitted in my home. If I won’t allow my children and their friends to behave that way in my home, I am certainly not going to invite Bart Simpson in either. My children have manage to survive (and some might even say thrive) without a television in the home their entire lives and are none the worse for its absence.

  6. It’s not a question of censorship, in our house. It’s more a question of, how do we choose to spend our time? And, with whom? Apart from Saturday mornings with Bugs, Daffy, and Wile E. Coyote, in general, we’re not watching television because we’re doing other things.

  7. Bill — Bugs Bunny is much more subtle than The Simpsons because it was created to appeal to children on one level and adults on another — much like Finding Nemo and other modern animated features. The Simpsons is not for children on any level.

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