Love 101

High schools and colleges are offering classes in how to manage a relationship. Not for credit, I hope.

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  1. I guess Dr. Phil is the prof. sarcasm off…

  2. David Jacobs says:

    I can’t read or spell (because I am challenged), but I know where to take you on a great date!

    Kids have lots of other modern problems you can teach classes on as well:
    Managing video game stress
    How to manage tv viewing (including advanced lessons on Tivo)
    Getting your parents to buy you a new car (and pay for the gas)
    Shopping 101 – the art of cool (mostly for boys)

  3. I took “Marriage & Family Relations” in college because a friend who signed up for it reported a 80/20 ratio – with girls being the 80. I went to an engineering school – that sort of thing just didn’t happen! My class was only about 50 /50 but again, I was used to seeing 1 girl all day in class, do it was wonderful. Unfortunately for me, I had a girlfriend by the time I took the class so it was somewhat of a wasted opportunity. It was an easy “A” though to knock out one of open elective requirements.