In Britain, a left-wing MP who’s criticized Labour colleagues for sending their children to private school is sending her son to private school. Diane Abbott says she’s not defending her decision because it’s “indefensible.” Also inconsistent and hypocritical. But she’s doing it anyhow.

Samizdata suggests possible explanations.

“I have realised that education is too important to be left to the state.”

“Perhaps everyone should have as much choice as I do.”

“If I am not prepared to condemn my child to the state system, why should anyone else?”

Actually, she does have words of her own, but she’s sold them to a Sunday newspaper for enough money to pay a term’s worth of tuition.

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  1. Steve Findeiss says:

    Yet again we see the utter hypocrisy of virtually every leftist and statist: “Public schools are great–for *your* kid, but not for *mine*.”

    Some free-market think tank surveyed U.S. senators and representatives whose families lived in DC, and found–unsurprisingly–that over 90 percent had their kids in a private school.

    Reminds one of someone from the ‘ban guns’ crowd who secretly keeps one to defend his *own* home.

    It’s amazing that the press is so fast to nail hypocrisy on the Right, but silent when it’s on the *Left*.


  2. Today’s Telegraph has another story on this MP. Her former husband is claiming that she told him not to talk about the subject, fearing that she would be de-selected (I think that’s the term) by her local Labour party.

    It would please me if they did, and it would please me even more if some of the similar American politicians were to lose in primaries or general elections for the same reason.

    Here’s the story:

  3. Well, in all fairness, the Carters sent Amy to a DC public school and looked what happened.

  4. Bill Leonard says:

    If I lived in D.C., I’d damned well send my kid to a private school, too!

    Steve Findeiss is spot-on in his comments about the general hypocrisy of the nation’s media. Local and metro papers in California can be reliably depended upon to publish liberal Sen. Dianne Fienstein’s periodic bleats about the evils of gun ownership and the need to heavily control firearms, if not ban ownership of them outright. But nowhere in any such story is it ever reported that Dianne has a concealed carry permit for a handgun — a permit essentially impossible for anyone except the rich and famous to get in the City and County of San Francisco.

  5. Reminds one of someone from the ‘ban guns’ crowd who secretly keeps one to defend his *own* home.

    Many in the “ban guns” crowd simply hire body guards to carry the guns and defend them.

  6. I don’t recall the Carters telling other people that it was wrong to take their kids out of the public school system, though, and this woman did. Hence the hypocracy.

    It’s kind of like Al “Earth in the Balance” Gore purchasing SUVs to use during his presidential campaign: that was different, he NEEDED them.

  7. It is not the hypocrisy of Diane Abbott, a member of the Labour left,
    that bothers me — hypocrisy is stock in trade of most politicians — but her refusal to defend a decision to do what was best for her daughter, as she has obviously done. She doesn’t surely believe it’s indefensible, except to her Labour masters. She isn’t going to take her kid out of her good school, I’d bet.

    This is the problem with party line politics: any real differences are suppressed and the outcome is dishonest policy that few in the party concerned really believe in. That is unhealthy and it is spreading in the West.

  8. Robert Schwartz says:

    I remember that there was an article in the Wall Street Journal last year about seniors at some fancy Massachusetts prep school. One of them was the daughter of Carol Maloney D-NY. Wanna bet she voted against vouchers for the kids in DC schools.