Cursing the coach

When losing football players chanted curses about the coach, he canceled the last two games of the season. Woodside High parents are angry. At the coach. From the San Jose Mercury News:

(Coach Packy) Moss had reported that he heard students cursing his name when he walked into the locker room after the team’s last loss. He did not see which players were chanting.

After school ended Monday, (Principal Linda) Common and the football coaches hoped to resolve the situation easily. They gave each member of the varsity team a pencil and paper, asking them to write down what happened in the locker room Friday night.

“It was our assumption that we’d get the names” of the students who swore, Common said, “and it’d be over with and we’d get on with homecoming.”

But the guys were goofing off, she said. They smiled, whistled, cheered and wrote down names of players who weren’t even in the locker room Friday.

The team stuck together in silence. And it wasn’t the first time the coaches couldn’t get their players to cooperate.

Since practice started in the summer, players have been throwing garbage around, breaking windows and stealing money and cell phones from each other, said Moss, who is in his third year as head coach. This year, three players were removed for behavioral problems. And others quit.

Well, by asking players to rat on each other, the coach finally has achieved team unity. But it sounds like he should have canceled the first game of the season. If high school football builds bad character, why play at all?

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  1. Ken Summers says:

    I don’t know who said it, but:

    “Sports don’t build character. They reveal it.”

  2. Eric Jablow says:

    Is there a Mepham-Woodside exchange program?

  3. Ken, wasn’t that Vince Lombardi?

    As far as what the coach did, while some may not like the idea of ‘ratting’ on their team mates, isn’t it worse to lay blaim on someone whose innocent (like these players did)? The coach was losing control of the team, so, heck ya, disband it. Tell them that if they keep it up, there’ll be no football next year.

  4. PJ/Maryland says:

    I don’t quite get the connection between cursing the coach and chanting. Were some team members making up an anti-cheer or something?

    I also wonder how many football coaches this high school has, since Moss is “head coach” and the word “coaches” is used several times.

    Priorities, anyone?

  5. I think they were chanting a four-letter word starting with “f” followed by the coach’s name. Just a guess.

  6. PJ/Maryland says:

    Well, I guess they were football players, so we couldn’t expect some clever use of the coach’s name or anything.

  7. Steve White says:

    Sounds like this coach had lost control of the team very early. Part of any sport is commanding the attention of the players, getting them on the same page, and getting them to respect not just the coaches but each other. If these young men, er, boys were stealing from each other, that basic respect wasn’t there.

    Part of what you do as a coach is to lay out a code of conduct that you expect players to follow. Any player who can’t is gone. Apparently that didn’t happen enough on this particular team.

    The Woodside parents are wrong — they should be angry at these young men for embarrassing themselves and their school.