Stifling children

English children are discouraged from playing outside by grumpy adults, who think kids make too much noise. Via Samizdata.

According to the Children’s Society, an increasing number of laws restrict skateboarding, cycling and children playing in public spaces.

It cites examples of a plan to set up a netball hoop on a village green which was blocked because residents did not want to attract children, a skateboard park refused planning permission because of residents’ objections, and 115 No Ball Games signs on one housing estate where four out of five play grounds were also shut down.

Well, kids do make noise. My back-fence neighbors either have children prone to piercing squeals or they’re slaughtering hogs in their backyard. (The fence is high, but not soundproof.) But it gets awfully dead without children. And they’re a lot less trouble when they’re visible than when they’re not.

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