Khomeini for freedom

A grandson of the Ayatollah Khomeini wants the U.S. to do for Iran what we’ve done for Iraq: Bring freedom to an oppressed people.

“In Iran, the people really need freedom and freedom must come about. Freedom is more important than bread,” said Hossein Khomeini, 45, a cleric who has taken up temporary residence in Iraq. “But if there’s no way for freedom in Iran other than American intervention, I think the people would accept that. I would accept it, too, because it’s in accord with my faith.”

Mr. Khomeini — in Iraq on a religious pilgrimage to Shiite holy sites in Najaf, Karbala and Baghdad — also praised the U.S. takeover of Iraq, saying American forces were seen by Iraqis as liberators rather than occupiers.

“I see day-by-day that the country is on the path to improvement,” he said. “I see that there’s security; that the people are happy; that they’ve been released from suffering.”

Khomeini said nationalism should not be mixed with religion.

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