High-teach Indians

The high-tech boom has bust, but India’s college graduates are being recruited by U.S. employers: Schools need math and science teachers, and India has very well-educated, English-speaking prospects who don’t mind working in Greenwood, Mississippi. The Times of India reports:

“No one wants to teach these days, least of all in Greenwood, Mississippi,” says Principal George Noflin, who made the journey to India in June this year by tying up with a recruiting agency after failing to hire locally.

It was his first visit to India and he found the heat stifling, the poverty unbearable, the food dodgy, and the driving insane.

“But the quality of teachers, it was unbelievable,” he says. He interviewed 85 in the week he was there and hired three. A fellow educationist from Kansas on the same trip hired three.

Laid-off engineers and programmers in the U.S. have been applying for teaching jobs, so the math-science shortage isn’t as acute as it was a few years ago. However, the Indian teachers have teaching experience, as well as strong knowledge of their subject area. They’ll face a culture gap in the classroom, but so will the laid-off programmer assigned to teach Algebra 1.

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