Cane mutiny

Brian Mickelthwait is a fan a British show called That’ll Teach ‘Em, which puts a group of teen-agers in a 1950s-style boarding school. Brian, a boarding school grad, says it’s not the same without the cane.

Without the ultimate sanction of the cane, or at least some kind of comparably severe torture, these places don’t function properly. After all the humour and irony had been exhausted, if I didn’t do what those bastards at Marlborough told me to do, then I was physically assaulted. And if that didn’t work I would have been expelled, an option which I wish I had explored more thoroughly than I did at the time. (Put it this way. I am often able to startle the ex-victims of Communism with my grasp of the finer points of Communism, what it was and how it worked. How the hell did you know that? – they say, of some weird communist nuance. Easy I say, I went to a British public school.)

If you go to the show’s web site and look at comments from viewers, there’s an awful lot on corporal punishment and boiled cabbage.

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