The last sin More American

The last sin
More American parents would be upset if their teen-agers confessed to smoking a cigarette than if they cheated on a test, writes Dennis Prager. Health is our new morality. Our only morality. (Via Number 2 Pencil.)

Kathleen Parker takes on the nattering nannies’ plan to sue McDonald’s, et. al, for making us eat too much and get fat. (Call it a deep fryer strategy.) The theory is that junk food is addictive.

Other research suggests that combining certain foods to increase a product’s “palatability” creates an “opioid effect,” so that people want to eat more. Allow me to translate: By combining sugar, fat and protein in certain ways, food vendors are purposely trying to make their products taste so good that you’ll eat them.

“Trying to make food taste better” by combining sugar, fat and protein — aka “cooking” — is not yet a crime, Parker writes. But that torte will be a tort.

Update: Socialism kills! People who think the government is responsible is for their lives don’t live as long as people who take personal responsibility, according to research reported in The Scotsman and linked by Samizdata.

It seems those who believe the state should take responsibility for most aspects of life also tend to eschew personal responsibility for taking care of themselves. As a result, they are more likely to engage in lifestyles hazardous to their health, including drinking to excess and not exercising.

By filing anti-responsibility lawsuits, tort lawyers are encouraging Americans to adopt poor health habits. Let’s file a class action suit against the tort lawyers!

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