Neighbor’s view Nick Karabelas, who

Neighbor’s view
Nick Karabelas, who says he’s a former neighbor of Blair Hornstine, sole valedictorian of Moorestown (N.J.) High School, argues that the family is being treated unfairly. Here’s the relevant part of his e-mail:

Wow. So, I lived in Moorestown for close to 7 years. In fact, I lived right across the street from the Hornstines. Adam (her brother) was a year ahead of me in school and we hung out all the time- whenever he hadn’t “chained himself to his desk, again” as I used to joke with him. Their parents were exceptional individuals and always held themselves to the highest standards of honor and ethics. They expected others to do no less, and that certainly included their children. Adam, Lou (the dad) and I all went to Camden, NJ to paint houses for the underprivledged and I was amazed at their compassion for, and desire to help, those less fortunate than we were. This was something I had never seen in Moorestown, outside of my own household.

Karabelas says Mooretown is filled primarily with self-important, materialistic, neglectful parents and spoiled, degenerate, vandalism-prone teen-agers.

Lou, Linda, Adam and Blair (Hornstine) were some of the most hard working, stand-up people I have ever met. They always had great values and an intolerance for people who put the values of their family at risk.

I guess that’s the Town Without Pity defense.

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