Mrs. Chips isn’t ‘diverse’ Nearly

Mrs. Chips isn’t ‘diverse’
Nearly 40 percent of American students are black, Hispanic or Asian-American, but the average teacher is white, 42-year-old female. USA Today frets about the impact of federal law requiring “highly qualified” teachers, assuming that means more coursework that will scare away minorities and males.

While black pupils make up about 17% of public school students, fewer than 8% of teachers are black. Hispanic pupils have risen to about 16% of all students, but fewer than 6% of teachers are Hispanic, say government figures.

Many children are growing up without a responsible male role model. If I ran the circus, I’d try hard to get more men — especially black men — in teaching, coaching, counseling and mentoring jobs. But it’s far more important for students to be taught by a good teacher than by a racially matched teacher.

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