Mom-and-Pop summer school Parents are

Mom-and-Pop summer school
Parents are home-summer-schooling, reports the Washington Post.

Jaron Broadus, 11, was incredulous. With summer vacation about to begin, his mother laid it on him: three sheets of paper she had dubbed the “Grow Smarter & Richer Contract for Teens & Preteens.”

. . . With a level of detail worthy of a business deal, Jenny Broadus — referred to in the contract as “Mom” — had spelled out what she hoped Jaron and his sister, Katelyn, 13, would accomplish over the summer: “Read one book per week and write one book report.” “Complete 2 math worksheets per week.” “Write 2 paragraphs about each of the 7 continents.” . . .

As an incentive, each task would earn a cash payment, from $3 for working on a Spanish language computer program to $10 for memorizing and correctly spelling all 50 states and their capitals. Do everything on the list, Mom had calculated, and they could each make $229.

I never did work sheets or book reports during the summer. I went off to camp to sail, swim, ride, etc. But I also read five or so books a week, all year round, just for the fun of it. I raised a reader too, without bribes.

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