Hamlet knows best “Bardolator” Harold

Hamlet knows best
“Bardolator” Harold Bloom rants against cant in an Atlantic interview. Bloom opposed the New Criticism, then the Deconstructionists and now the School of Resentment.

Throughout the English-speaking world, the wave of French theory was replaced by the terrible mélange that I increasingly have come to call the School of Resentment—the so-called multiculturalists and feminists who tell us we are to value a literary work because of the ethnic background or the gender of the author.

Feminism as a stance calling for equal rights, equal education, equal pay—no rational, halfway decent human being could possibly disagree with this. But what is called feminism in the academies seems to be a very different phenomenon indeed. I have sometimes characterized these people as a Rabblement of Lemmings, dashing off the cliff and carrying their supposed subject down to destruction with them.

Shakespeare, says Bloom, is the true multiculturalist writer.

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