Fall of communism, rise and

Fall of communism, rise and fall of the British empire
Italian teachers are in a tizzy because one of the possible essay topics on the state graduation exam asked students to write about totalitarian movements, including communism.

That topic invited students to ponder “terror and the political repression in the totalitarian systems” of the 20th century and gives brief descriptions of fascism in Italy, Nazism in Germany and communism in the former Soviet Union and other countries.

Apparently, most students picked another essay topic, fearing to offend the political biases of the graders. (Via Tim Blair.)

Betsy spotted a Telegraph story about a campaign by Prince Charles to revamp the teaching of British history and literature. Among other issues, the prince favors more teaching on the “rise and fall of the British empire,” which tends to be neglected in favor of “Hitler and the Henrys.”

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