Stan Brown passed a back-to-school display while shopping with his little boy. His son asked for crayons.

The box of crayons said “24 school quality crayons.”

I have to confess that I wondered for a moment whether “school quality” should be a selling point or a disclaimer.

Perhaps “school quality” means the crayons are edible. Or is that paste?

I remember my kindergarten school supply list. We were told to buy the smallest box of crayons: I think it had the six primary colors plus black, brown, white and gray. Crayola was the only socially acceptable brand. Only first graders could bring the 32-color box. (I think it was 32.) I remember a first-grade conversation about “siena” and our joy at finding “flesh.” Crayola now sells “multicultural” crayons in racially diverse flesh tones.

Some of us first graders secretly brought pointed scissors, though they were supposed to be reserved for second graders and up. These days, they’re probably expelling first graders for bringing pointed scissors.

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