Can Sac High be saved?

Can Sac High be saved?
Sacramento High, a consistently low-performing school, faces a state takeover. Instead, there’s a plan to reopen the school as a charter. But the teachers’ union is fighting for the status quo. Daniel Weintraub reports in the Bee:

. . . the district school board voted earlier this year to close the campus and hand the grounds to a nonprofit corporation headed by former NBA basketball star Kevin Johnson, who graduated from Sacramento High before going on to lead the Phoenix Suns as an all-star point guard. Johnson has returned to his childhood digs and is using his money and connections to try to spur an economic and spiritual resurgence in the area.

The charter high’s teachers will be non-union.

One subtext to all of this is that the district’s teachers are threatening to strike this fall over a new contract. If the new Sac High is allowed to proceed with non-union teachers, it could well stand as the only school in the city to open on schedule in September. That would give it tons of publicity and potentially weaken the union’s position in negotiations with the district.

Despite the legal uncertainties, Johnson’s group is moving forward with hiring and fund-raising. More than 1,000 students have enrolled, hoping to attend the charter school in the fall.

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