Bush stands with black, brown

Bush stands with black, brown parents
President Bush’s support of vouchers (renamed “scholarships”) for D.C. students puts him on the side of black and brown parents, writes columnist Ruben Navarette Jr. On the other side, trying to keep students from leaving dangerous, ineffective schools are teachers and school administrators, most of whom are white.

The president now stands on the side of Latino and African-American parents who — having discovered that the public school ship is sinking — are simply trying to get their children into a lifeboat. In cities like Milwaukee and Cleveland, where voucher programs are under way, the leaders of the choice movement are African-American women. Latinos, in poll after survey after study, express strong support for school choice.

Catch the color scheme. It matters that most of the parents who cheered Bush at that D.C. charter school were black. It matters that Bush’s allies on this issue include Washington Mayor Anthony Williams, an African-American Democrat who was once opposed to vouchers.

School choice, writes Navarette, “is the new civil-rights movement.” I think we’re going to hear this more frequently.

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