Black-only history Only blacks can

Black-only history
Only blacks can teach black history, say a group of parents of Oberlin High School students. Due to a scheduling conflict,  the black teacher who’s taught the course for seven years may not be able to handle it this year. A white teacher may take over the class.

Phyllis Yarber Hogan, a member of the Oberlin Black Alliance for Progress, said a white teacher wouldn’t be well-suited to teaching students about subjects like slavery.

“When you talk about slavery, students need to understand it is not our fault,” she said. “Our ancestors did nothing wrong to be enslaved.

“How do you work through that when the person teaching it is the same type of person who did the enslaving?”

I sure hope Oberlin High doesn’t let non-whites teach European history. For that matter, with black history removed to a separate class, U.S. history should be taught by white teachers, preferably white males whose ancestors came over on the Mayflower. Segregation forever!

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