‘We will do’ with the

‘We will do’ with the children ‘as we see fit’
Two home-schooled children in Waltham, Massachusetts refused to take standardized tests, despite a court order forcing parents to take them to a testing site set up by the Department of Social Services. George Nicholas Bryant, 15, and Nyssa Bryant, 13, showed up but answered no questions.

“We have legal custody of the children and we will do with them as we see fit,” DSS worker Susan Etscovitz told the Bryants in their Gale Street home. “They are minors and they do what we tell them to do.”

. . . Both sides agree that the children are in no way abused mentally, physically, sexually or emotionally, but legal custody of the children was taken from Kim and George Bryant in December 2001. The children will remain under the legal custody of DSS until their 16th birthdays.

The parents have been ruled as unfit because they did not file educational plans or determine a grading system for the children, two criteria of Waltham Public School’s home schooling policy.

A DSS official said the children could be placed in foster homes if their parents refuse to tell them to take the test.

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