Valedictorian no-show Blair Hornstine, who

Valedictorian no-show
Blair Hornstine, who sued to remain sole valedictorian of her New Jersey high school, will skip graduation ceremonies. She’s wildly unpopular in town, since she’s still suing the district for $2.7 million. It’s likely she would have been jeered and booed if she’d tried to speak; at the very least, classmates would have turned their backs. Not showing up is a sign of intelligence.

My daughter was booed — by one boy — when she gave the graduation speech at her high school commencement. He was angry that her speech had been chosen over his by a student-teacher committee. (There’s no valedictorian: Too many kids have perfect grades.) His parents, both teachers, had raised a big fuss, but the committee stood firm, even though many of the students had the boy’s father as a teacher. So did Allison, who got a lower grade than she’d expected. At any rate, the boy booed, dishonoring himself. Allison ignored him, and gave her speech. Nobody filed a lawsuit.

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