Strom found VMD Strom Thurmond

Strom found VMD
Strom Thurmond wasn’t just a segregationist relic, writes Mark Steyn. The centenarian senator was an active lecher to the last.

In his early 90s, the wizened Republican with the fiery orange hair-plugs made an ill-advised attempt at bipartisan outreach and groped fellow Senator Patty Murray. In his late 90s, he had a little light petting session with, um, me.

This was my only close encounter with him, and a lot closer than I’d expected. It was the first day of the Clinton impeachment trial and, in a chaotic melee by the lifts, I was suddenly pushed forward and thrown between Thurmond and California Senator Barbara Boxer.

Ol’ Strom had just cast an appreciative bipartisan eye over the petite brunette liberal extremist. Ms Boxer gave an involuntary shudder. I’d been squashed between the two for about five seconds when I became aware of a strange tickling sensation on my elbow. Glancing down, I was horrified to see an unusually large lizard slithering up and down my arm. On closer inspection, it proved to be Strom’s hand. Presumably he’d mistaken my dainty elbow for Barbara’s, but who knows? I can’t speak for Patty Murray, but I found the mild electric frisson not unpleasant.

As for VMD, you’ll have to read it all.

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