Poor kids, cheap teachers Schools

Poor kids, cheap teachers
Schools with the wealthiest kids are staffed by the highest-paid teachers who have the seniority to transfer from difficult schools; poor kids get the cheap teachers. But districts use “salary averaging” to make it look as though all schools get equal resources.

. . . the average teacher in Baltimore’s high-poverty schools pulls in nearly $2,000 less than the district average and $4,000 less than those at the wealthiest schools. Poor schools receive no extra resources to compensate for their lower-cost teachers, and budget documents hide the salary differences.

“Those lost dollars really add up, to the tune of $637 per pupil in one Seattle school,” Roza said. “District budget documents should reflect how much money the district is really spending on each school.”

Tough schools should be able to pay a premium to attract the best teachers instead of being stuck with no-seniority novices.

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