Plagiarism plagiarism is is bad

Plagiarism plagiarism is is bad bad
A scholarly paper on detecting plagiarism plagiarized four sentences, charges Michael Heberling, president of Baker College Center for Graduate Studies in Michigan. William Ryan, a retired Florida Atlantic business professor, struck back. The Palm Beach Post reports:

With his honor and reputation to defend, Ryan decided to run Heberling’s article through computer software that detects plagiarism. Heberling’s ideas aren’t completely original, either, Ryan charges.

“Does this mean that the plagiarized article on plagiarism was also plagiarized from other articles on plagiarism?” Ryan inquires. “Can we truthfully stake claim to owning our own thoughts?”

Heberling’s retort to Ryan is most certainly not original:

“Once you’re in a hole, maybe you should stop digging.”

(Via Daryl Cobranchi.)

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