Overdressed, underdressed Astounding: A middle

Overdressed, underdressed
Astounding: A middle school principal in Tennessee refused to let some students participate in graduation ceremonies because she felt they were “overdressed” for the occasion. She said one boy, an honor roll student who wore a suit with a matching shirt and tie, “looked like a pimp.”

Daryl Cobranchi thinks the principal should be fired. Michael Lopez wants her sued, excommunicated and then fired. And I think he’s got some medieval tortures in mind for her as well. I think a mental examination is in order. She thinks these kids look too good to graduate?

Also astounding: At a school in England, students are snapping up copies of a nudie calendar featuring their teachers in the almost-altogether. So many teachers volunteered they added an extra four months to the year. (In all my years of schooling, I don’t think I had enough calendar-worthy teachers to make it past April.) I guess it’s one way to get kids to pay attention to the teacher, but they won’t be paying attention to the lesson.

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