Learn to love reading about

Learn to love reading about poop
Deputy Doo-Doo has gotten Riverside schools in . . . Well, you know.

The deputy is a villain in The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby, which is part of the popular Captain Underpants series, “which presents such subjects as talking toilets, troublemaking cafeteria ladies from outer space and a mad scientist named Professor Pippy P. Poopypants,” reports the Los Angeles Times.

Written and illustrated in comic-book style, the story follows Super Diaper Baby’s battles with Deputy Doo-Doo, a walking, talking, evil piece of excrement enlarged after an accidental fall into a nuclear reactor.

A grandmother raising a seven-year–old grandson has filed a complaint asking that the book be removed from the school library. In addition to the toilet humor, the book encourages disrespect for authority and bad spelling, she says. It also teaches kids how to draw a giant, mobile, nuclearized piece of excrement with a sheriff’s hat.

Defenders say Captain Underpants’ fans get hooked on reading at an early age. I wonder how many grow up to be Michael Moore fans.

Update: Courtesy of Buttercup Wafflesniffer, here’s the Professor Poopypants’ Name Generator.

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