Discriminating against a minority —

Discriminating against a minority — lefties
Showing people writing left-handed is banned by a textbook publishing company’s guidelines. Kate Gladstone of Handwriting Repair writes on Education News:

According to educational-issues researcher Diane Ravitch, the USA branch of the educational-publishing conglomerate Harcourt/Steck-Vaughn now has a “publishing guideline” forbidding their illustrators to draw/photograph anybody writing left-handed.

What’s wrong with lefties?

Muslims traditionally regard the left hand (and left-handers too) as seriously unclean and disgusting; they forbid using the left hand except for, uh, personal-hygiene purposes … and they DEFINITELY forbid it for such important daily tasks as writing, eating, etc.

Yes, but this is America.

Fun facts: Saudi Arabia has a law against using the left hand in public. Osama bin Laden is a natural lefty.

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