Decline to state Increasingly, college

Decline to state
Increasingly, college applicants are refusing to identify themselves by race, reports the Washington Post. Admissions officers claim they don’t try to guess that Tao Tan is Asian or that David Rubel is white. (Another student in the story, with the wonderful name of Will Frankenstein, is half-Asian.)

“We don’t ever assume color for any student who does not disclose,” said Karen Cottrell, associate provost for enrollment at William & Mary. “In our search for diversity, if race is listed, that’s going to be part of it. If it’s not there, it’s a neutral.”

Yes, but a neutral is a minus if other applicants are getting an edge because they’ve declared themselves to be diverse.

Update: Ward Connerly, a University of California regent who’s campaigning to ban the state government from asking for racial and ethnic information, mocks a UC ethnicity change form. Via Amritas.

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