Wussification III For 20 years,

Wussification III
For 20 years, Encinal High proudly displayed a retired fighter jet on its front lawn, and the newly refurbished A4 Skyhawk is due to be reinstalled. But some teachers and parents want to junk the jet. It’s a symbol of violence, they say.

“Jets” also is the school symbol. But Alameda Naval Air Station has closed, and few students come from military families anymore, reports the Sacramento Bee.

“I would see it as sort of a leftover from a previous era,” (teacher Carlos) Zialcita said. “The parents of our Vietnamese and Cambodian and Afghan kids especially … have been affected by the tragedies of war, and I think we shouldn’t say that that’s insignificant or somehow not important.”

David Olstad, a volunteer who assists on technical support issues at the school, said, “I’d just as soon see a .357 Magnum blown up and put on a pedestal. I mean, there’s no difference to me. It’s glorifying violence.”

Well, the parents of the Vietnamese, Cambodian and Afghan kids know the tragedies of losing a war; their kids probably have the highest military enlistment rates in the school. And I’d bet there’s not a single Vietnamese, Cambodian or Afghan parent on the no-jet committee.

Via Lisa Snell, who’s back and blogging.

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