Wussification, II American youngsters are

Wussification, II
American youngsters are nervous nellies who need to be told what to think and how to feel, say the experts. Here’s a Knight Ridder story:

A panel of educators and physicians called Tuesday for a national dialogue to help children cope with the disaster of Sept. 11 and the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, warning that youths in the United States are struggling with the anxiety and trauma caused by these events.

“War inflicts a great deal of pain, suffering and destruction, and it thus can be traumatizing for students who are overexposed to media images from reporters,” said Dr. Eliot Sorel, a psychiatrist and professor at George Mason University in Virginia. “It is essential when dealing with war images and lessons that the teacher present them in historical context, and, especially, not project over and over again pictures of mass destruction.”

Several of the speakers on the “Students and War” panel sponsored by the National Press Club warned that American children are repeatedly viewing graphic pictures of war on television, without getting proper guidance from parents and teachers to help calm their fears.

Why not tell them the war is over. We won. Without inflicting mass destruction.

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